Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shave This....

Let's face it. The whole world's gone crazy. The Dow is pushing toward 13,000 just for the sake of going to 13,000. A third-rate Marilyn Monroe dies and creates a courtroom circus. And a rich, beautiful young woman loses her mind and decides to pattern her life after Colonel Kurtz...

A quick entry tonight. First, for you FOREX types, the NZD/USD seems to have pushed high enough to once again represent a low-risk short trade. I'd put a stop at .7070

The NASDAQ 100 has been terribly strong - - reaching a six year high today in the face of a weak day on the Dow. It's tough to short in the face of such strength, but at least it's clear the $NDX is at the top of its rising channel.

ANDE, a long suggestion I've made many times, has all the right stuff.

Bear Sterns (BSC) sported a nice bearish engulfing pattern today. I'm going to buy more puts on this tomorrow.

I've been hanging on to my CME puts for ages, and I was starting to get bored of them. Today the CME fell over 17 points, and it's potentially going to snap its trendline. Now it's getting interesting.

Research in Motion (RIMM), the stock that never seems to break, is high enough to keep the stop-loss level reasonable.

Finally, Ryland (RYL), mentioned here as a short on multiple occasions, is accelerating its downward trek.


beanie11111 said...

ICE smackdown comin your way!!!!!!!!!!

ICE closed@ 160.58

ICE is about to get slammed, tomorrow and next week. I have not a single doubt in my mind that a panic selloff is coming for ICE.

Also, i believe we are very near a market correction. On top of that, Cramer just recommended selling ICE this evening.

These factors are sure to send ICE to 148; and with a market correction anticipated to kick in, the stock is headed to 125.

The Iceman is ready to be "picked"!!!!

z-stock said...

Don’t miss the movie of the week.

Dia tests the 50 day. That’ll be nice.

(FIB #) 92.7 X 38% = 127.9 coincidence?


beanie11111 said...

ICE the mother of all shorts!

Believe it!

Lauriston said...


congrats on BSC, COF among many others, including RIMM that I am also short!! If RIMM does a COF or BSC, I will be very happy today... puts are working extremely well today for once. Been a long wait but worth it....

beanie11111 said...

A gift for ICE longs:

Didier said...

I like your blog and comments a lot. What tools do you use to find the charts you present here everyday.


z-stock said...

ICE Might pullback to $148.6 = 11% pullback.

Here’s a list of all the things that could go wrong with an ICE put.
Or I’d rather wait for a pullback and buy the ICE CALL.

OR (I could be full of it)..

ICE $45.2 x 5 = $226.00 TARGET

ICE $26.0 X 10 = $260.00 TARGET


ICE 47 X MULTIPLE ( $5.05 2008 earnings X 47 = $237.35 TARGET )

Prudential price target ICE = $205 up from $160

Major bull signal for ICE. $XBD Resting comfortably on 50 day.

Major bull signal CME descent slowing down. Strong support CME at $530.


onewaystox said...

Trader Tim, nice pic of Spears & Gen'l Kurtz. But, unlike Spears, I doubt Kurtz' carpet matches his curtains...if ya know what I mean.

Humble1 said...

DOW inverted HnS measures up near 15k.

Tim Knight said...

onewaystox, as weird as Brando was back then, only God knows where he took his razor. I hadn't thought of it until now. Thanks a heap.