Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Chunda from Down Unda

I've been doing this ("this" being running a technology development team, charting, trading) for a very long time, and I've been writing this blog for about a year and a half (in fact, my 400th post is just a few days away). In all that time, nothing like this has ever happened, but..........

On my voicemail this morning was a 5 minute message from someone who reads this blog. Although, like an anonymous poster, he didn't have the gonads to say who he was, he left a scathing, angry, insulting message telling me at length how much he hated this blog. He even had his (presumed) girlfriend check out my picture to affirm that, yes, I'm dorky looking.


Listen, my Southern Hemisphere chum: you don't need to read this. To take the time to read my blog at length (including, according to his voicemail, my archives), seek out my phone number, call me, and waste five minutes of your life leaving a flame is curious, to say the least. Here's my advice: stop reading it. What you are doing now is the equivalent in logic of stepping in the same big pile of dog poo every afternoon and complaining about how it's bad for your shoes. Walk around it! If you don't like my poo, go somewhere else! Thank you!


At least that gave me something to talk about, because these markets are a real snooze. On Monday the Dow was up 8.25 points. On Tuesday, 4.57 points. Today, 0.56 points. Zero point five six points, people. Good God, someone do something.

In fact, just about the only chart I've got for you today is Anderson (ANDE), which I first mentioned as a bullish suggestion back on December 27th. With today's breakout, it looks better than ever!

Sigh. I'd love to show more charts, but it would just be more of the same. Maybe something will rattle and roll tomorrow. Until then.........g'day!


Aaron said...

The economic news calendar is empty this week. Without some government sponsered statics how can we sheeple do anything but drift aimlessly???

Keep up the good work.

z-stock said...

I’d say the guy from down under needs to seek counseling immediately. He’s definitely a stalker type and they are very dangerous people. I guess you should be flattered in some sense. You have your first stalker. Good thing he’s down under.
gm almost toppy. 34/36? Iwm target 82? Actually my list of companies almost toppy exceeds #$!&*…..
Bpt (call alert). 62/65 entry (target 67 = gapped down at 67). 90 cent option spread. (bad) march 60 call ok.
exbd (call alert). Intriguing.

Leisa said...

I had a caller stalker some years ago. He would call on my home phone recorder and leave lascivious messages while it was clear that he was otherwise engaged. Unfortunately, I'm one of those annoying people that can recognize voices instantly. Unfortunately, again, it happened to be both a neighbor and a friend (of my husband's and mine). Thankfully it ended once we got the police involved. Not another call ever. He is still a neighbor and a friend, but there were a couple of awkward years in between.

The male psyche is a delicate one--that caller is just jealous of your success. Clearly, his girlfriend did not see your mug on that dancing elf! She'd change her mind in an instant!

Lauriston said...

I thought I was the only frustrated bear... well, they threw me a bone today via XLE puts. I am still waiting for better morsels though. Maybe it really is different this time

Geoff said...


I've been reading your blog for a few months now and I think what you do is great. I doubt anyone feels good after hearing a 5 minute message chirping them, but hopefully it doesn't bother you too much because I know theres tons of people just like me who really appreciate what you do.

Jeff said...

Nope, it wasn't me, and I rarely even waste my time with posts. For the most part I visit your site only to make sure I'm on the opposite side of most your plays. I myself am a 12yr technical veteran on the Tradestation platform. Not sure you realize it, but today's post is actually the most useful I've seen in months within the trader blogosphere.

Next time you call a "major bottom" as you did last July, BUY IT!

chronictown said...

Jeff, does it make you feel like a man to put other people down. Like someone who gives their time and talent for free?Im happy that your a twelveyr technical veteran. why dont you try acting like a man instead of a twelve year old. I wonder which bank account id rather have,yours or Tim's.Thats all i got.Whats a girl ta do.

mde said...

Jeff, You need to stop posting if you are a stalker. You are not even half the man tim is and I hope you lost alot of money in the market. You are one sad POS if you stalk our man Tim. Tim is succesful and rich while you are busy whining like a kid in a candy store. Now lets continue to talk about trades and not morons.

traderdave said...


As an Aussie (AKA Chunda from down under!!!) I am sorry that a fellow lad from the southern hemiphere did what he did. Back home we would just tell the guy to 'Go F!@# Himself!' I hope he takes your advice. He gives the rest of us (and there are a few) a really bad name.

Besides giving my wife and kiddo a kiss, reading your blog is one of the few things I do each day. Keep up the good work.

Cheers - David

jim said...


it is so sad that their are people like that in the world... especially cowardess people... i want to thank you for all your hard work and sharing of knowledge... you have been such a great teacher...

have a great day,

shiftpoint said...

Hey Tim,

I gotta tell you that you gotta put this aside and keep doing what you're doing. You're the man, and you're really onto something with Software is migrating into the internet and that trend is picking up more speed. I also believe that more experienced traders realize that it's not a complete throwaway to listen to other people - in fact, it's much more efficient to get trading ideas that way. I love what you're doing here, and ultimately we all are responsible for own research and making our own decisions. Perhaps the guy is bitter on putting all his eggs on one trade, who knows?

Best of luck to you.

PB said...

Hey Tim:

Losers abound, especially at the top of a market. I don't know how Leisa can stay 'neighbor and a friend' w/ someone who is a stalker. I guess it takes a bigger man/woman than I am to stay 'friends' with a nimrod! I personally would have pummelled him into the ground, but then I am not a saint.

Ok, to the markets. What is going on? Will 'ya crack already???

You know we are at the top when supposed 'private equity' funds are going PUBLIC!!!

Tim Knight said...

I really appreciate all the nice comments - - a lot of people emailed me directly as well.

Nice to know a mob would gouge the coward's eyes out if he revealed himself. Maybe his stupid accent was faked. Anyway, thanks again for the support - it means a lot to me.

- Tim

Bullish Jim said...

Just wanted to chime in with my support as well. I've learned a ton from your blog and I'm grateful you keep doing what you're doing.

The tool who left you the voice mail is why so many of us remian anonymous with our blogs. It's pretty sad.

niko said...

Good cup w/ handle breakout on PHO.

niko said...

Oh, and anyone who posts or calls with anonymous insults is either 10 years old, or has serious cowardly mental problems.

I'm sure Tim's kids could have pressed the button and heard you bashing their father. Grow up and act like an adult: talk smack openly and to his face.

Tim, you're a jerk... my address is... ha.

Thanks for the blog.

chronictown said...

gold futures closed above $660.This could be the start of the run to 700.whats a girl ta do?

Leisa said...

If you don't know who Samuel Johnson was, then shame on you. But he had a number of nasty names that I think that Toshi-Tim should have at his disposal to toss out at ill-mannered folk.

* blunderhead
* fopdoodle
* high-viced
* lackbrain
* oysterwench
* scambler
* slubberdegullion
* tosspot
* pickthank
* draffy
* ninnyhammer
My two favorites are slubberdegullion and ninnyhammer. Tim and others, use these with impunity (but please don't call me any of these).

John said...

Long time viewer, first time poster. I love your blog, your approach to simple but sound techniques in Tech.Analysis is work of art, (no multiple MA crossovers, oscillators or any of that crap), just analysis of price action.

I agree with a previous poster that the guy must have lost a ton of money from one of your charts.He probably doesnt know what a stop is!