Saturday, November 05, 2005

Best of The Blog

I enjoy writing about my trading in this blog, but there have been so many entries, I thought some newcomers might like to see a few "best" choices of my favorites. Click on any of the links below to read the article, and click the Back button to return to this list.

Century-Long Pattern - Probably my favorite one, this shows the incredible convergence of Fibonacci fans showing major turning points of the Dow 30 index. Spooky!

The Bearish Big Picture - As will quickly become clear to newcomers, I am a raving bear. This shows the long-term picture of my opinion.

False Breakouts - My predictions are not always right! (Far from it.......) This gives you some guidance as to how a TA-based assessment is useful in helping you know when a breakout has failed.

VIX Tricks - The VIX is the widely-followed volatility index on the S&P 500. Here I describe the correlation between the VIX and market direction.

Russell 2000 Cracks! - I'm proud to say that I nailed to the day the top of the Russell 2000 (so far, at least). This post pinpoints the turning point.

Short Ideas - A post with some specific short recommendations; some worked, some didn't, but check out IVGN, CNMD, HSY, and KMG - they all got walloped after this posting.

Reasons to be a Bear - My five reasons for bearishness in this market.

Fabulous Fibonaccis - The crude oil market provides a stellar example of how useful Fibonaccis can be for providing price prediction.

Trendline Bounce - A marvelous example of those amazing trendlines in action.

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