Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ode to Steve Jobs

All the world was abuzz today about the iPhone. This is one gorgeous, sexy, amazing-looking product. Although I've used a PC for years, I bought my first Macintosh early in 1984, and I worked at Apple for a few years. Steve Jobs has been my hero since I was about 14 years old, and the adventures he has had in his business life make Odysseus look like a bore.

Steve Jobs has more style in his pinkie than Bill Gates has in his whole body. And even though the Google founders could buy and sell Steve Jobs many times over, I doubt there's anyone in the country that would opt for lunch with the Google guys over Steve Jobs. He's amazing. As is the press coverage....the top story on CNN!

As well as Fox.....

So it's not surprise that Apple exploded higher today....on volume of over 100 million shares! It wasn't that many years ago that the entire stock market traded 100 million shares. Now just one stock can do it. Just look at this graph!

This is a very late posting, so I'm going to have to tear through it. Boeing (BA) still looks like it's changing trends.

COF, mentioned many times in this space, is moving achingly slowly, but at least it's moving down.

Express Scripts (ESRX), a favorite here, looks terrific. Lower lows and lower highs are clearly intact.

CSX still looks good on the short side.

And FTO is looking like it has a real chance at completing its head and shoulders pattern.

HES is moving nicely lower with all the oil stocks (yep, I got blown out of those OIH calls first thing this morning).

And Hilton (HLT) is obeying the "trendline changing from support to resistance" phenomenon.

Oh, and then there's RIMM. I set my stop too tight on this. It got killed today - obviously because of Apple. I mean, the Blackberry is the most boring piece of crap on the planet compared to the sexy iPhone. Who wants one of those ugly Blackberries now? That's so 2002.

RTI continues to behave as any bearish pick should.

...as does SIE...

...and TSO...

It's late, so I'd better publish this. I hopefully will have more time tomorrow for some general market analysis. Thanks for stopping by!


Lauriston said...

Anyone who creates what Jobs does must be God! This man is marketing genius. That thang is cooool! and RIMM was very good to me today. I entered yesterday and left today, and even left some on the table for others to enjoy. Now I have some QQQQ puts that are under water I hope tomorrow I can close them. Japan action this evening looks promising for my puts tomorrow. Last week was so boring for me, but today made up for that. Check out the few trades I closed today lauristonletter.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

lauriston dude,

stop begging for attention. I went to your site and there really isn't much there other than you echoing other peoples' opinions mixed with a couple of day trades. Tim, on the other hand, offers original content, well researched & very nicely presented.

Just my 2 cents. Take it as encouragement, make your site better (and, for god's sake, at least a tiny bit original) and some people may actually read it and refer it to their friends.

Good luck with your trades...

Lauriston said...


Points taken. Will make site better and tiny bit original. Working on it. And I always agreed Tim offers original content, well researched and very nicely presented.

Gene Baucom said...

Great site Tim, simple, clean an to the point.
Question: Have you looked at WCI? Looks shortable right here.
I have no positon there at the moment but looking at it closely.
Bill Gates is long this stock along with Ican BTW.

Bob said...

the AAPL chart looks like a nice cup-and-handle which would be a positive confirmation if it maintains the new high today - are you reading it this way? Is this a long call?

~ Nona said...


The above is the link for Steve Jobs' commencement speech at Stanford in 2005. Leisa reminded me that it would be worth posting. If you love it (as we did) thank her.

Anonymous said...

Shorties are such a girly man.

Shorties are such a Misses Mann.

The bulls are gonna flush ya down z toilet

Anonymous said...

this market is fucking BOGUS!!

Anonymous said...

That's because shorties are evil. They constantly pray the markets get crushed. Wouldn't be surprised if they want a hydrogen bomb dropped somewhere just so they can profit. You know who you are and you know that's what you think about when you're so loaded with short positions.

Bad bad bad people.

I hope the bulls put their horns up your ***

Anonymous said...

you're an idiot anon 11:29am!

downosedive said...

Anon 11.29 has to be a schoolboy, proabably about 10 years old. His mummy and daddy should supervise him away from adult sites in future