Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Airport Quickie

This is going to be one of those "at the airport" quickie posts.

Today the market recovered partly from yesterday's sell-off. All eyes are on earnings, naturally. We are, for the zillionth time, in a middleground where it's not clear if the market's going to push higher or lower. Just look at this graph of the Russell 2000 from the past 60 days on a minute by minute basis. Just no clear direction whatever!

ANDE, a long suggestion posted earlier in this space, is continuing to perform well. Breaking above the horizontal line would obviously be a good thing for owners of this stock.

Bank of America (BAC), on which I own puts, announced great earnings today and fell. Good.

Lastly, Health.net (HNT), although not a slam-dunk pattern, seems bearish enough to mention.

For those of you who enjoyed BillyWitchDoctor.com yesterday, I'm glad. For those who had no idea what it was about, I congratulate you on your sanity.


toober said...

Anorexic chicken man was OK, we're just not keen on implied flyover snubs. How 'bout dem OIH?

Jon said...

The only problem with yesterday's post is that billywitchdoctor.com doesn't exist. If you're going to pull a Conan with that type of name, you need to make sure there's something to hornymanatee.com online.

mde said...

How are your puts doing? The Dow is at a record and screwing all the bears in the way, including me. I folded this afternoon and went long calls on the spx.

trader said...

The toothpaste is out of the tube and ya CAN'T put it back in !

EddieFl said...

My BSC puts and GS puts lost value today. Still have time, but it don look good for those.

I got mixed signals on my indicators, looking to get more active trading, will have to zoom into the 60 or 30 minute charts.

Options, limited loss, but still a loss.