Wednesday, March 08, 2006

TheStreet Gets Scooped

Back on January 29th, well over a month ago, I wrote an article called Is Google Going Soft? Today, wrote a similar missive.

The general idea here is that the company-that-could-do-no-wrong is quickly becoming a screw-up. Their products are starting to suck (indeed, over the past couple of weeks, I've actually got broken links quite a few times on their home page! Incredible!)

Their CFO can crush their stock with a clumsy market hours announcement. They can't anticipate their taxes correctly, so their profits get hammered.

The latest is that they posted internal financial information on their public web site!

Can you imagine the environment within Google itself? Think of it. Hundreds and hundreds of employees that are multi-millionaires (or, in a few cases, billionaires). These are the "haves." And then all the people hired over the past four months (which is a large sum) whose Google options are worthless - the "have nots". Must make for some strange office dynamics, wouldn't you think? Because I don't think anyone's anticipated GOOG cruising past $475 anytime soon.

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