Saturday, June 24, 2006

Q & A is Coming

For those who may be obsessively checking this page, I'll be making a post this week of recent questions and answers. I'm focused right now on our son's 5th birthday party, which takes precedent over charts! I'll be back to you later this weekend. Go have some fun...


bob said...

Great, Tim. I have more of a request than a question. When you give us charts, like you did yesterday, could you please add some quick comments as to why, for instance, you believe those are good shorts. I am a technician in training (Investools Phd) and don't alway see what you are seeing, if you know what I mean. Thanks. Bob

Gil Gilbertson said...

Enjoy those moments Tim, when all
is said and done, nothing else even
casts a shadow to the love you share with your family. I have
lived 78 years and all that I have
I owe to my love of family and my
creator who gave them to me.

Gil Gilbertson....

DW said...

Hey, Tim. Happy Birthday to your son! Its good that you show balance in your life as you say, there are things more important than charts.

That's why my wife and I are in Maine this week from Pleasanton, CA because our son is at Maine Maritime Academy and we just had the chance of a life time to ride his ship back from Portland to Castine, ME. The charts can wait 'til tomorrow!

Keep up the great work, your blog is a grea spot for seeing not only what you're doing but what otehr are as well.


mcqf16 said...

Much joy and peace to you and yours, on your sons birthday. This is the day. Thanks for the perspective and humor.



Tim Knight said...

Wow, thanks everyone. I appreciate it; some nice heartwarming stuff to wake up to! (OK, that's bad English, but I just can't bring myself to type "to which to wake up"). This is more of a Cecil B. Demille production than a five year old's party, so I'm running around like crazy. I'll get to those questions, and I'll also try to be a bit more explanatory when showing charts - - good suggestion!

- Tim

dclark1946 said...

A Son's birthday only comes once a year. The market is here every boring day.

Your informed Market perspective always makes things more interesting and fun, and worth waiting for.


dsantos said...

I throw my $0.02 in during the meantime, I think the market contiues to sell off on Monday. At least initially. A few that got out, may try to get back in later in the day. But why?? For the love of all that is human why do these people keep buying and selling for no reason??? Why???

Mark said...

Tim, hope the b-day was a huge success! I also hope you had a chance to enjoy a little of it.

For the love of all that is human why do these people keep buying and selling for no reason??? Why???

There are some people that love banging their collective heads into walls. After a while they get numb and don't realize they are still doing it.

But that is my oppinion...