Friday, May 04, 2007

We've Met Before

My Friday post will be late today. In the meantime........


Leisa said...

Boy is Robert Blake creepy in this.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for being much, much too stupid to understand the context of this. The retarded guy with the sharp knives made sense in a surreal way, but this one's lost on me. Have a good weekend Tim and thanks for the daily dose of charts and humor.

plunger said...

We knew they could'nt take it Tim thats why they never show up on down days, only after the fact, during rallies, with no insight whatsoever They just spout off about how the markets going up and they had something to do with it.

I also noticed that none of them took you up on your offer to post some bullish picks. More than likely because they have no idea what they or the market is doing. They only come here to try and make their miserable, insignificant lives almost seem worth something by gloating over an occurrence which, regardless of the outcome, will make their crummy lot in life seem better.
Just my opinion though.

What do you think New equityqueen? since your IQ is soooo much higher than most of ours here[as you stated the other day]

awaiting your dimwitted response new equeen.

Anonymous said...

Hahahah...did anyone notice the size of that cell phone?!?! Hahaha...that thing was HUGE. I totally fogort that cell phones once were the size of a small bus.

Good times, good times...

toober said...

Lost Highway clip should have been where the jailer looks in the cell (at Mr. Market) and sez "F&@$ me". Hey, I just got the Trump steaks flyer from dull edge. Specializing in BUTT steaks. Well "wipe me". Speaking of, at least Paris won't have to worry about dropping the soap in the shower. Everybody's already seen it.
Just trying to cheer you up Tim.

Locster said...

Hi Tim, I've been passing by for a while now but have never posted before. Basically you're one of the few links that pops up when trying to search for information on the overvaluation of the Russell 2000.

Another interesting read I have found on the subject is Jeremy Grantham from GMO, log in to to download his 'Letter to the investment committee' PDF's. He talks a lot about overvaluation and stocks reverting to replacement cost over time etc.

Jeremy also has used the phrase "Markets will stay volitile longer than you can stay liquid", which I think I read on here recently. In fact I think it's one of his rules that he listed in one of his letters last year.

This definitely applies to the Russell 2000 right now. It will revert to replacement cost sometime from it's current PE of 40, but in the mean time who's to say it won't reach a PE of 45, 50, 55??

I'm also reading Nassim Taleb's Black Swan right now. Perhaps the unprecented global financial stability (lack of volitility) we are experiencing right now is a 'black swan' event, and this would re-inforce the idea that the Russell 2K PE could keep going up for some time yet.

Ultimately though it *will* revert to replacement cost. Persoanlly I've been short by a small amount since about 775 and more than covered the loss with some good fortune on shares listed here in London (SOLA and TMC) that have done exceptionally well.

My position in the Russel remains fairly small as I intend to accumulate small shorts via CFD's over relatively long periods. That way at least I earn interest on the positions. Currently I get 2.7% minus the Russell 2k yileld which is about 1.5% I think. So 1.2% overall.



dbohntr said...

Is GOOG struggling to get thru 475? It seems like this last 60 days has the price has picked up 30 points, average vol has dropped off by about 3/4 million.

CRR - looks like a great short, bear flag on weak volume

JakeGint said...

Man, Robert Blake was RIGHT for that role, no?

Wonder if that's the act that got him off in front of the jury?