Wednesday, April 12, 2006

No-News Wednesday

I'm sorry, everyone. I love writing these posts, but I just have nothing to say today! Hopefully the market will do something interesting tomorrow (it's the last trading of the trading week, remember) and the muse will inspire me. Until then, continued good luck!

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Kapil Khanna said...

Many strong stocks that i have observing are unable to break out of their previous top. They "seem" to be forming double tops. The double tops are not confirmed. For a double top to be confirmed, the price should pierce the low of the bottom, before the double top.
Some examples of these are ABAX, RHAT, ASVI (Triple Top), NWRE, STX, VIVO.
The market is definitely at a crucial juncture. The next few trading sessions will decide whether it wants to continue this rally or begin to change direction.