Thursday, March 15, 2007


The $VIX has fallen so swiftly, and the charts are shaping up so nice, I actually will say going short the market right now (it's 1:15 p.m. EST) might make a lot of sense. I'd say a tight stop on the S&P 500 at $1,396 would keep you safe.


sab63090 said...

glad you're flexible....since you might miss a big bust!

Jeff said...

USNA another fun ride today!

Jeff said...


Futures and yesterday's Snap Back
One more piece of the puzzle that confirms our note from this morning on the role of expiration in yesterday's snap-back is the record setting daily volume in the CBOT mini-sized Dow Futures which hit 329,848 contracts yesterday. Combined with the very large volume in the ETFs, we have strong evidence that derivatives and not cash had a large role in the comeback. Further, we may have seen all the squaring we are likely to see into expiration itself and it is possible a layer of demand has been removed if that is the case.

jsuttie said...


Did you notice anything odd about CME today. 4 spikes and then 4 sell offs. Manipulation?

tjllatt said...

Stepping back right move. Homebuilders look like they will rally with stocks like FNM and FRE. don't believe it but that is what they charts are telling me.

Mike said...

Next week more serious pain folks ... shorts are lookin up ... Keep an eye on Tim's NAZ channel that he puts out ... love the looks of that one.

For those that think the RE markets are at a bottom, guess again. Here is one of my favorite charts. Im thinking we got 2-6 years of downside ahead of us as we work off the overhead ... GOOD LUCK !!!!