Thursday, July 27, 2006

Insurance Fibs

No, this isn't a post on insurance fraud. Just wanted to share a couple of stocks on which I own puts that got clobbered today. Thank you, Mr. Fibonacci!



Oh, I see the bullish 70 point gain today has been destroyed and we're now showing a loss on all major indices. Zzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiip. Suck on it, fellas.


Sanjay Sola said...

you can see a bunch of leaders headed to their 200 day averages: NTRI, BIDU. soon Celgene and Garmin will follow the leaders.

when the leaders break apart, you know the market is in big trouble.those stocks all have super high relative strength and they are all breaking down quickly.

market leaders that are breaking down are the most profitable shorts, especially when they get some bad news.

Anonymous said...

You may be right about yesterday's doji'est doji
Bot PUTS on DIA as the uptrend is beginning to vaporize
Thanks to FIB and you for the CI puts

TR said...

Nice. Missed out on my 30 Puts on AET yesterday (set the order and had to work). That was a costly miss.

Nice day beginning to show the "market deadman drop" (I use that as the wick on the candle looks like a noose - heh, heh). Few great shorting opportunities. Nothing looking good from my perspective. Happy I come here to see the action in great graphical perspective.

Anonymous said...

Nice, Tim!

Could not bring myself to place any more put orders because I am still holding a dozen or so.

No regret. More busses will be along soon and I'll get on those.

Jim Chan said...

Congratulations Tim, I was paying attention, I had a slam also - ISRG!!

Jim Chan said...

whoops, I would like to add that AAPL bounced off the fibs retracement at 65. just like it should.

bsi87 said...

Won't know till after the close but I'm guessing the DJIA will show a reversal at the 11,240 area. Seems like they calculate a high based on the highs of all the DJIA after the close.

Hbarr said...

FDX taken out and shot. The excuse was a downgrade from Bear Stearns, but any excuse would have done.

shawn said...

check out the fibs on EIX. It's also at a level of resistance.