Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Current Puts and Shorts

Well, folks, it's a slow news day! Just not a heck of a lot to talk about!

The Dow did fall nearly 50 points today, and my put options on AAPL edged up nicely. Generally speaking, I'm liking what I see in the markets.

Here is a list of my current put (six) and short (ten) positions. You'll need to figure out the symbols on your own!


Tim Knight said...

It's not worth a new posting, but here's a really interesting article that just showed up on the Fox home page:


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the list but I have to admit after a few years of learning long strategies I think I'm helpless in identifying shorts.

I looked at about 1/2 of the shorts and I don't see why you'd be shorting some of them (I do understand APPL). For instance to me Marriot (MAR) is above it's weekly 30 week average and is sitting above (on top of) its 50 day averages. It looks like it has formed a double top of sorts (I think) but other than that I really don't see how/why you'd think it was a good short. Looks non-committal to me but I'm waaaaaaay more novice then you so my assumption is I'm missing something.

Would it be possible for your readers to pick 1 or 2 of the shorts and explain why you think they are good shorts?


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you post along with names of companies for Longs, SHorts and puts and longs, when you do... I analyze the names you post and try to some positions in them...