Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Long Winners (Even from a Bear!)

Let's slip off our bear suit for a moment and take a look back at the long positions I have recommended in this blog. I'm pleased to say they've done extremely well. And they are still terrific-looking charts. Let's recap (and don't be surprised how similar these graphs look; the style of their breakouts is quite similar).

BankRate (symbol RATE) continues with a terrific inverted H&S breakout on strong volume:

OpenWave (OPWV) a very similar story.

Kyphon (KYPH) did its third big lurch upward today, climbing well over 10% today alone.

J. Alexander (JAX) is quite thinly traded and has a big bid/ask spread, which makes it less appealing. But the chart is gorgeous.

An old favorite, Corning (GLW) continues strong; up about 30% since I first mentioned it.

Alamosa Holdings (APCS) hasn't quite broken out yet, but it's shaping up really well.

Finally, a salute to Mark Hulbert, who celebrates his newsletter's 25th anniversary. Read his fascinating article here.

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